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2015 July Newsletter

A federal election has been called for October 19, 2015. This will be the 42nd federal election in Canadian History. The results of this election will determine what party and what leader governs our country for the next four years. With the election already being called it gives the candidates 11 weeks to campaign. In 2011 only 1% of eligible voters actually voted. That election resulted in the Conservatives obtaining a majority with 38% of the popular vote and the NDP forming the official opposition with 30% of the popular vote and the Liberals sliding into third with less than 19% of the popular vote. What these numbers show you is that the 39% of eligible voters in Canada that didn’t vote could have changed the outcome of the election. I am not saying that is a good or bad thing or that the outcome should have been different. What the numbers show however is that only 2/3 of Canadians historically are determining the future of Canada by showing up and voting. That number was even lower in 2008 at 58%.

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