Bike Accident


Sadly this weekend a tragic accident involving a number of cyclists and a car has resulted in the death of a cyclist.  The cyclists were riding as a group on River Road in Richmond, a popular bike route for cyclists.  According to news reports there have been a number of accidents between bikes and cars in this same location.  Police report that this is the second fatality involving a cyclist in Richmond within the past week.    The police have advised that the three involved cyclists were part of a group of six riders, and they were hit head on by a vehicle driven by a 19 year old male.  The police have so far said that it is too early to tell what contributed to this crash.

To help you stay safe when you are riding your bike, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Always wear a helmet;
  2. If you are riding in a group, follow group riding rules.  Signal all hazards and communicate well with your group to keep everyone safe.  Don’t brake too quickly or swerve your wheels.  Keep your cycling as smooth as possible;
  3. Ride single file unless the circumstances are such that riding two abreast would be allowed and safe;
  4. Follow the rules of the road, including stopping at stop signs and riding as far to the right as practicable;
  5. Keep your movements on the road predictable;
  6. Don’t ride on sidewalks;
  7. Travel with traffic flow;
  8. Yield to traffic when appropriate;
  9. Be predictable;
  10. Watch for parked cars and for people opening car doors into your path of travel;
  11. Make sure that you can be seen.  If you are riding in anything other than daylight make sure that you have a strong light on your bike;
  12. Look before turning.

Keep your head up when you are riding on the roads and stay safe.

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