Bike Helmet use reduces the risk of head injury


A recent study was presented during the 2015 clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons that concluded, not surprisingly, that there is a direct link between the use of bicycle helmets and the incidence of head injury.  The study was conducted by analyzing data from the US 2012 National Trauma Bank.  The Trauma Bank had files from 6,267 patients who had suffered head injuries in bicycle accidents.  Only a little over 25% of the 6,267 patients had been wearing a helmet at the time of the bike accident.  The results showed that the group that did wear a helmet had a 58% reduced odds of suffering from severe head injury and a 59% reduced risk of death.  The findings of the study are not surprising.  Helmets help prevent head injuries.  If you are riding a bike you should wear one to protect your brain.

The picture of the helmet above is a photo of my cracked helmet following a particularly nasty crash on my mountain bike.  I hit my head, hard.  My helmet did its job.  Despite the obvious impact to my head, I did not even have a bruise on my head as a result of the crash.  Helmets really do work.  Use them.


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