Bike to Work Week!!


Its bike to work week and the weather has cooperated!!  I hope that you will be able to get out to enjoy the weather and enjoy commuting to your work.  Here are a few tips to help keep you safe on your ride to and from work:

  1.  One of the most common ways that cyclists are injured is “dooring”.  ICBC reports that dooring accounts for 1 in 14 injuries to cyclists, many of which can be very severe.  As a cyclist make sure that you are leaving at least one metre between yourself and cars that are parked along the side of the road.  Watch for motorists and for indication that an occupant may be about to open the car door.  If you are an occupant of a vehicle, open the door with your opposite arm and shoulder check to see if there are cyclists that could be hit by your door;
  2. Use designated cycling routes wherever possible.  Not only will motorists expect to encounter you on cycling routes but also there is designated space for your path of travel;
  3. Make sure that you are easily seen by other users of the road.  This includes using lights, reflective gear and making sure that as you travel down the road you are visible to motorists;
  4. Make sure that your movements are predictable to motorists.  Use hand signals to indicate when you will be turning and follow the rules of the road;
  5. Always wear a helmet.  Helmets provide protection for your brain in the event of a crash;
  6. Ride defensively.  Don’t assume that motorists have seen you or that they will yield the right of way.

Enjoy bike to work week and stay safe!!

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