Blood test for Brain Injuries

bloodtestx299Two companies are very close to developing a blood test that could detect a brain injury and measure the damage that it has done.  There are specific proteins that are released into the blood in elevated amounts only after a brain injury and these two companies are in the process of devising and evaluating diagnostic tests that would identify the biomarkers associated with brain injury.  The development of a reliable test would help doctors to provide better care for the millions of people suffering a brain injury, with the potential to improve their chances of avoiding long term disability.  The research to date has shown that concentrations of the protein in the blood are elevated in the hours after brain injury and correspond with the severity of the injury.  You can read more about the companies developing the tests and the tests themselves here:

A blood test to detect brain injury would also have significant implications for lawyers acting on behalf of individuals with brain injuries.  Brain injuries are an unfortunate frequent result of car accidents.   Brain injuries are “invisible” and their existence can be very difficult to prove.   Insurance companies vigorously defend claims of brain injury and in the process put the injured victim on trial.  The development of an objective measure capable of proving the existence of brain injury could prove to be of significant benefit to those seeking compensation as a result of injury.

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