Brain Injury Awareness Month

brain injury

June is Brain Injury Awareness month.  It is a month to focus on helping the millions of Canadians that have suffered from a brain injury and to bringing awareness to this silent epidemic.  Brain injuries are the number one killer and disabler of people under the age of 44 in Canada.  Males are two times more likely to suffer a brain injury while women take longer to recover from a brain injury.

Brain injuries can be caused by all sorts of things including car accidents, sports injuries, cycling accidents, falls, domestic violence, assaults, strokes, tumours and aneurysms.  The consequences of a brain injury can be devastating for the individual who sustains it as well as their family members and support systems.  Brain injuries can result in impairments in cognitive functioning, physical functioning, emotional and behavioral functioning.  You can’t see a brain injury so often individuals with the injury struggle to have it diagnosed and struggle to obtain understanding from those around them of the impairments that result.

You can learn more about acquired brain injury on the Brain Injury Association of Canada website.

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