Distracted driving fines more than double

Distracted driving 2

Starting June 1 distracted driving fines will jump to $543 for first time offences.  For first time offenders there will be a $368 dollar fine and four demerit points which will cost you a further $175 when you pay ICBC the Driver Penalty Point Premium.  A second distracted driving ticket within 12 months will cost you $888 and a third will cost you more than $3,000.  The use of an electronic device has also been re categorized as a high-risk offence which means that if you get two or more tickets in a 12 month period there will be an automatic review of your driving record and you face the possibility of a driving prohibition.  If you are a new driver you face the possible prohibition after a first offence.  Tough new measures meant to change the culture around distracted driving and hopefully the devastating consequences.  Last year alone 66 people died and 630 were seriously injured as a result of distracted driving.  This new law makes BC’s some of the toughest in the country.  Leave the phone alone when you are driving and help keep other users of the roads safe.

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