Drinking Driving CounterAttack Now on


With the holiday season upon us, ICBC and the police have teamed up to help stop drinking and driving.  Each year impaired driving causes 86 deaths per year in British Columbia.  ICBC is helping to prevent impaired driving with an education campaign, funding for CounterAttack roadchecks and promotion of designated drivers with businesses, sports facilities and community groups.  Do your part this year to eliminate these needless deaths and injuries by making sure that you have a safe way to get home.

Vancouver taxi companies have applied to put more cabs on roads to help meet the holiday demand.  They are waiting for BC’s Passenger Transportation Board to respond to their application which hopefully will be approved and will help make taxis a more viable alternative for people to get home safely.  Other alternatives are Operation Red Nose, which offers to drive you and your care home.  There are also a variety of companies that offer a similar service at a cost which is only slightly higher than the cost of taking a taxi and pick up times can be pre arranged.  Public transportation is also a good alternative as is having a designated driver.  Regardless of which of these options that you choose, have a plan before you go out for how you will get home safely.


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