ICBC helping to keep motorcyclists safe

One of the great things about having a government run auto insurer in our province is the role that ICBC plays in helping to ensure that our roads are as safe as possible.  One of their recent initiatives is helping motorists to be more aware of motorcyclists.  ICBC recognizes that the turn signals on a motorcycle can be tough to see so provides the following advice to motorists.

If a motorcycle rider shoulder checks or the motorcycle leans, the rider is probably planning to change lanes, adjust lane position or turn.

Watch the rider for clues.  Sometimes a motorcycle’s turn signals are hard to see.

When turning left – look for oncoming motorcycles.

Yield the right of way to an oncoming rider as it can be hard to tell how fast they’re travelling.

ICBC also has presented a variety of information to help motorcyclists stay safe.  Those include information on helmets and advising riders to ensure that their helmets display proper labels and meets safety-helmet labeling requirements.  ICBC  advised motorcycle riders to wear either safety vests or clothing with reflective stripping.  ICBC has also launched a Gear It or Shear It video series where they compare ordinary street clothing to proper motorcycle gear.  You can view their segment on Jeans vs. riding pants here:

Thanks ICBC for your work towards keeping motorcyclists safe.

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