ICBC Launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign


Fall is a dangerous time to be a pedestrian.  According to ICBC, pedestrian accidents increase in the fall.  59 pedestrians on average are killed each year and a further 2300 are injured in crashes.  Nearly half of all the fatalities occur between October and January.  This can be due to a variety of reasons including less daylight and weather changes including rain and fog which decrease visibility.  Drivers need to be on the look out particularly at intersections.  Pedestrians need to do what they can to ensure that they are seen by drivers.  ICBC has launched a pedestrian safety campaign to help decrease the injuries suffered.  Some of the messages from ICBC’s new safety campaign are as follows:

  • Pedestrians are urged to make eye contact with drivers
  • Pedestrians are encouraged to wear bright and reflective clothing
  • Pedestrians are warned against wearing headphones and texting or using their cell phones
  • Drivers are reminded to yield the right or way to pedestrians
  • Drivers are asked to slow down and be extra cautious at intersections.

We all need to do our part to keep our roads safe.

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