ICBC Launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign


This is the time of year where the incidence of pedestrian crashes spikes.  Darker weather, combined with rain and everyone’s seeming habit of wearing dark or black clothing make pedestrians almost impossible to see.  ICBC in a press release yesterday stated that almost two times more pedestrians are injured in crashes from November to January than from June to August as the weather changes and the daylight hours decrease.  In BC 18% of people killed in car crashes are pedestrians.  In the lower mainland 33 pedestrians are killed and 1700 injured each year.  The top factors identified as contributing to these accidents are driver distraction, failure to yield the right of way and weather.  When you are a pedestrian make sure that you are doing your part to be visible.  Wear bright colored or reflective clothing.  Walk “defensively”.  Never assume a motorist has seen you or is giving you the right of way.  Always make sure that you have eye contact and stay focused and alert when you are on the road.  When you are a driver, take the extra time to watch for pedestrians and always avoid distractions such as cell phones.  Stay safe!!

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