ICBC, Police and Government team up for month long distracted driving campaign

Close up hand woman using navigation or gps on mobile smartphone. Blurred car interior background. Viewing location map in network via smartphone during road trip

Expect to see increased enforcement of BC’s distracted driving laws throughout the province in the month of September as well as various awareness events throughout the province.  Despite significantly increased fines and penalties for distracted driving the continuation of the problem is easy to see when you are on the road.  Distracted driving is dangerous driving.  One quarter of all fatalities from motor vehicle accidents is caused by distracted driving.  A significant number of crashes and impacts with pedestrians and cyclists is caused by distracted driving.  Regardless of how traffic is moving there is no excuse for texting, emailing or checking your phone while you are driving.  Whether you are stopped in traffic or stopped at a light, checking your phone is distracted driving and against the law.  Put the phone away and make our roads safer.

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