ICBC tips for staying safe on the roads on Halloween

ICBC reports that crashes spike by 25 percent on Halloween, resulting in 330 people being injured in 920 crashes across BC.  To help decrease that spike in accident rates, ICBC has provided the following tips:

Tips for Drivers

  • Stay well below the speed limit in residential areas, particularly between 5 and 9 which is the peak time for trick or treating.  This will give you more time to stop in case a child runs across the street unexpectedly.
  • Scan as you drive – children may be walking in unexpected places.  Drive slowly and be prepared to stop quickly.
  • Don’t roll through stop signs or intersections – remember that small children can be difficult to see, especially if they are wearing a dark costume.  Take extra time at all stop signs and intersections to take a more careful look before proceeding.
  • Don’t pass a slow or stopped vehicle – they may be stopping to let children cross the road, or stopping for something else that you cannot see.
  • Watch out for drunk drivers – it is not just children who celebrate Halloween.  If you suspect an impaired driver, keep a safe distance.

Tips to keep kids safe

  • Make sure the costume fits – if it is too big or to small it could cause a child to trip and fall.
  • Be bright to be seen – dark costumes make children less visible at night.  If your child is wearing  a dark costume, add reflective tape and have them use a flashlight.
  • Create a safe route – the best route will be familiar, well established, direct and away from busy main roads.
  • Travel in groups – walking in a group makes children more visible to drivers.
  • Follow the rules of the road – walk on sidewalks, cross at crosswalks.  If there is no sidewalk, walk on the edge of the road facing traffic.

Stay Safe this Halloween by being road safe.

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