Ontario working to improve bike safety


New laws recently passed in Ontario should work to improve safety of cyclists in that City.  An all too common accident involving cyclists occurs when a motorists opens a car door into the path of a cyclist.  The consequences for the cyclist can be serious injuries.  Cyclist’s have to be road smart and do their part to ensure that this type of accident doesn’t happen.  Motorists in Ontario will now also have a greater onus on them to ensure that this doesn’t happen.  New fines have been instituted for opening a door into the path of a cyclist to the equivalent of distracted driving fines.

The updated Ontario Highway Traffic Act also requires a one metre distance between cars and bicycles “where practicable” which will again hopefully improve how safely cyclists are able to use the road.  The Act also puts more responsibility on those riding bikes.  Fines for cyclists who do not use a light and reflectors or reflective material will face increased fines, rising from $20 to between $60 and $500.

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