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ICBC Survival Guide

This ICBC Survival Guide has been written to provide you with information about ICBC and the process of making a claim for damages following injury in an accident. This guide does not replace the necessity of obtaining legal advice. The guide contains detailed information about the history of ICBC and the legislation that governs ICBC as well as the steps involved following an accident in the determination of fault and entitlement to benefits. The ICBC adjuster is an employee of ICBC and their job is to settle your claim with as minimal payment as possible. It is always recommended to seek legal advice before speaking to an ICBC adjuster and especially before settling your claim with an ICBC adjuster.

This Guide is meant to provide general information and to serve as a starting point in your understanding of the consequences of being involved in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia. It is not meant to serve as or replace the necessity for legal advice regarding your specific circumstances.


Human Rights

The British Columbia and Canada Human Rights Codes provides protection to employees in a variety of circumstances. The Codes prohibit discriminatory conduct on a defined number of grounds. Rose has over 20 years experience representing both complainants and respondents in human rights cases. Rose recognizes that these cases often represent very unique and emotionally charged situations for both complainants and respondents and provide a representation that is compassionate and understanding to the unique nature of these cases.

Employment Standards

The Employment Standards Act stipulates the minimum basic terms of employment that every employee in British Columbia is entitled to. Employers can unwittingly run afoul of the Act potentially resulting in very costly fines and penalties. In some situations the remedies available through the Act provide the only or best remedy for an employee. Rose has extensive knowledge and experience with the Act and regularly advises both employees and employers on the rights and responsibilities created by the Act. Rose also has extensive experience dealing with the Tribunal and resolution of complaints, either through identification of appropriate remedies and negotiating a resolution or in appropriate cases proceeding to a hearing.

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