The benefits of biking to work



This morning I rode my bike to work rather than hopping in my car.  It was a beautiful morning for it and although I got passed on my fancy road bike by many of the regular commuters on what should have been slower bikes, it got me thinking about the many benefits of riding your bike to work:

  1.  Its good for the environment;
  2. Its good for the rider – any little bit of exercise helps us live a more healthy life;
  3. It saves money – pedal power is free as is bike parking;
  4. It gives you a perspective of this beautiful city that you do not get in your car;
  5. It gives you time to decompress, destress and think while you are enjoying the sun on your face and the wind in your hair;
  6. If you are a recreational rider like me, the extra miles commuting will add up to improved performance on your weekend ride.

Hope that you are able to get out and enjoy riding your bike in bike to work week!!

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