What happens in the brain during and after a concussion?


Great article on BrainFacts.org explaining what happens when a concussion occurs.  Concussions can occur as a result of a variety of events, including sports related, falls and car accidents.  The effects of a concussion can be devastating and life changing.  Symptoms can be generally grouped into  four types of problems that can result:

  1.  Physical problems such as dizziness, tinnitus, nausea or headache;
  2. Cognitive problems such as poor memory or decreased attention span;
  3. Emotional problems such as increased anxiety, depression or irritability; and
  4. Behavioral problems such as impulsivity, loss of motivation or loss of interpersonal skills.

When an individual suffers repeated concussions or traumatic brain injuries these impacts can be greatly increased.  This article explains what happens inside the brain that causes all of these negative consequences.

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